Tautwire Sensor

Electronic tautwire is the technology of choice for detection in the high security environment internationally. Tautwire systems measure the mechanical disturbance of a fence, i.e. the force balance in the structure. This balance will be altered when any structural disturbance occurs.

Tautwire detection is a mechanically measured barrier that defines the specific boundary on the perimeter. Tautwire is the solution of choice due to the following attributes:
  • Very high probability of detection
  • Very low nuisance alarm rate
  • Very long lifecycle
Electronic tautwire has the following unique qualities and features for perimeter detection:
  • Auto calibration of sensors
  • Individual processor per sensor
  • Individual sensor per wire
  • Qualified and proven algorithm software
  • Very sensitive sensor
Tautwire is applied to a wire fence in various configurations. The horizontal tautwires are fixed to the sensors that are mounted in a sensor post in the centre of the zone. The sensors are high-voltage insulated. Sensor management and environmental compensation are carried out by the individual microprocessors.

If the tautwires are deflected, the sensors to which they are attached will be mechanically deflected, resulting in a corresponding change in electrical signal. This change is entered into the processing algorithm, which will signal an alarm condition if the change exceeds preset limits.