Gallagher Power Fence™ System

PowerFence High Security perimeter system delivers “Peace of Mind” from day one. They are your first line of defense, a line of strength and protection. Power Fence systems works as an active deterrent to potential intruders. They also detect and immediately alert your security department or monitoring company of an attack.

PowerFence system Deter, Delay and Detect intrusion of a property. Intrusion is deterred through sending a regulated electric pulse around the Power Fence approximately every second. These pulses give a short, but safe shock, making it impossible to climb the fence. The fence also detects attack, differentiating between serious breaches of the fence and disturbances caused by wildlife, birds or weather conditions.

PowerFence system available in both the multi-zone Trophy and the single zone Medal range. These are available in standalone, retrofit or wall top systems.  Power Fence perimeter security solutions are totally integrated packages that provides all the components needed for a secure fence, The construction of each system is tailored to meet individual needs.

PowerFence™ Trophy FT Fence Controller

Each PowerFence™ Trophy FT Fence Controller monitors the electrical pulses on their associated zones of the fence. They are designed
to avoid false alarms and costly call outs and will activate an alarm if an intruder persists in climbing, cutting or tempering with the fence.

DualPulse Deterrent

PowerFence™ Trophy FT Fence Controllers support dual pulse, a feature that enables the electric fence to be configured up to 14kV. The higher energy level provides nearly double the shock deterrent, even through layers of clothing, at a strong, yet safe 4.6 Joules output. In addition, the dual pulse feature supports interleaved alarmed-deterrent zone wire, providing twice the detection.

Expandable Systems

PowerFence™ Trophy FT systems are expandable. Each Power Fence™ Trophy FT Fence Controller is capable of monitoring three Fence Zones (whether horizontal or vertical). As the fence expands, additional PowerFence™ Trophy FT Fence Controllers can be installed and configured in the system.

Safety via Pulse Synchronization

Individual PowerFence™ Trophy FT Fence Controllers located along the fence line are synchronized together ensuring a safe system, meeting the requirements of international and local standard authorities (MS IEC 60335-2-76: 2007, Clause 22.109 Sirim).

Targeted Monitoring and Control Onsite

The PowerFence™ Trophy FT Keypad provides a friendly user interface on-site for arming (setting) and disarming (un-setting) alarm zones. Menu-driven, it provides a display of all high voltage readings for each zone along the fence line. Each Fence Zone and zoned gate can be independently isolated from the others for maintenance and control.